Thursday, January 22, 2009

Christmas in January!!!!

The next best thing to getting a new piece of equipment is seeing your good friends get new pieces of equipment. For those females reading this, grown men do not have toys, only equipment. Paddleboards and surfboards especially fall into this category. Now back to the topic at hand...

My good friend Jimmy Martindale just picked up his brand spanking new, Sandwich Islands Composites F-16 open ocean standup paddleboard. Made of the finest expanded polystyrene foam, shaped by hand and gel coated well enough to make million dollar yachts green with envy, this board is a thoroughbred born for only one thing - linking wind or ground swells together on a downwind run - conjuring up feelings of glide, stroke and stoke!

I must say that I am a big fan of yellow boards (high visibililty in the aquatic realm) and they go well with my fall skin color.

Congratulations Jimmy!!! If I were you I'd definitely be sleeping in the garage for the next couple of nights (this board will not fit in your bed)!!!!

In an upcoming installment: Nick's new SUP!!!


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