Friday, April 24, 2009

Rough cutting and dragonskin carving done and Sailrocket

I spent another 2 hours blending in the hard angles left by the planer with dragonskin - made it through 60 grit screen as well. No pictures today - camera battery was dead. 120, 180 and 220 screens are next.

Then I'll make a template of the flat portion of the topdeck and transfer it to the bamboo veneer.

With the way things are currently going, the board should end up a 8'6"x28.5"x4.25" shreading machine.

Current paint scheme is going to take advantage of the blonde color of the bamboo - think California Avocado... Lots more to follow.

BUT - in light of having no Short SUP pictures today, may I direct your attention to

These guys are duking it out with the kitesurfers and windsurfers for the fastest windpowered watercraft title. Checkout the other pictures on their site. In one of the recent (still on the magazine racks) sailing magazines, there was a sequence on the sailrocket getting airborne - I haven't been able to get more info on that though.

I don't know about you, but I must admit carbon fiber and fluid cutting foils always get my blood flowing (it's the engineer in me).

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