Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Take me to your leader...

A nearly complete SUP.

The bottom picture shows the concave under the wide part of the board (where I'll be standing while paddling). The middle picture shows the double barrels spinning off the center concave. This actually looks very similar to the 6'7" I finished earlier - knowing that, I'm definitely going to play the paint schemes off each other - twinkie green boards - shredzilla and minishredzilla.

When boards are in this state - nearly finished shaping, but still not painted or glassed, they look like alien spaceships straight out of the movies (a B movie at that). At least they do to me.

"We come in peace (but little do you puny earthlings know we are here to totally shred your waves - hahahaha!!!)"

I'll be templating the flats on the top deck (anything not railed) so I can work on the bamboo veneer top and spackling.

Stay tuned....

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