Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hot Coated!!!

Took the board home today to work on it.

I used Posca pens to hand draw on the "E Ku I Luna A Hoe" - the original laminate got washed out - colors from the inkjet were not bold enough to stand out against the avocado colored blank.

Had to throw on another trident - because tridents are cool, tridents are symbols of seapower and I like tridents!

Hotcoated the bottom and the top. Used Resin Research CE epoxy resin (UV inhibitors added in with an optical clarifier - it's blue instead of clear like the old 2000 resin).

The hotcoats setup decently - darn shame I have to put the sander to it... But with the boxes to break free, and the leash plugs/vent still to put in, to the sander it shall go. Anyways - a high grit matte finish is best for fluid dynamics (fully developed water boundary layer - same trick dinghy racers use, but by the hand of a sander with a sheet of 1000 grit stuck on it).

Here's where I get to remember why glassing and sanding are the easiest ways to screw up a home built board...

E Ku I Luna A Hoe!!!

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