Sunday, May 3, 2009

Other weekend happenings

No pictures on this post -

1. Saturday morning. It had been almost two weeks since I had been surfing - had to get out. Didn't want to pay for parking so I took the Walden SUP to the north jetty at Silver Strand. Pathetic surf (but that's what SUPs for eh?). Stayed out for a couple of hours and milked the place until the tide started to fill in again.

2. Saturday afternoon. I took the kids to the new "Pirate Park" at Oxnard Beach Park. Really neat playground sets (it's probably their 10th time there). Afterwards they demanded gummy bears for an afternoon snack - so we went to my office to raid the secret stash. Since we were there, I figured I'd get the two foamies ready for painting (so I can catch up to my students). Sanded the spackle off both boards with 240 screen and finished off with 400 over everything. I wore latex gloves the whole time - finger oils at this stage in the game start to show up and spoil everything. Finished off by taping the stringer and tracing a template for the bamboo veneer.

3. Sunday morning. Knowing it was high tide early this morning, I opted to take the 12'6" Racing SUP out to gets some mileage in as training for the upcoming events. There was some close period swell coming in from the NW (windswell) and some larger (shoulder high) longer period swell from the south. Not much wind at all but the swell made it interesting. I used my Greenough Stage 6 fin to see if that configuration made a difference in tracking. Saw all kinds of aquatic life - seals, sea lions, sardines (everywhere), pelican squadrons surfing the incoming swells (ground effect - awesome!), cormorants, and a few sea skimmers.

4. The family went to Roxbury's Diner for brunch. Pigged out - kanakattack hit at 1300 (food induced sleep coma).

Fun weekend!!!

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