Sunday, June 14, 2009

First board finished

The surfboard making class I put on is coming to a close.

The first one finished turned out awesome!!!

The significance behind the images and colors:

- Red is the port (left) running light on a ship or watercraft
- Green is the Starboard (right, looking forward at the bow)
- The "fish" are "dolphin" fish - possessors of strength and speed and long admired by sailors and hungry people
- If you zoom in, the purple/white object is a mermaid - the shaper's wife's tattoo

He painted the blank black, but had a friend airbrush the details. He also took it to a glasser to make sure it wasn't ruined (we're all amateur glassers aren't we - professionals are all either aliens from another planet who can control air bubbles and plastics with supernatural powers, or mutants that can control gravity). The glassers let him do a lot of the polishing work too to gain that experience.

The other boards will be coming to fruition soon (hopefully this week) - especially megashreadzilla - I'm going to need a new SUP - the Walden and the Naish may get sold today.... more on this later.


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