Saturday, September 19, 2009

Caridina Shrimp

These guys are troopers -

They made the first trip out with me from Port Hueneme to Gulfport and not a one died. They spent a couple of weeks in a 5 gallon bucket waiting for the trip and then when we arrived, they spent another few weeks in a temporary tank.

Well - their wait is over - today they got back into their regular home.

In the last house, they lived in the loft (so neither kids had the benefit of having them exclusively in their room. Here, Marlon has them because his room is setup for it (his desk).

The kids are using a magnifying glass to check them out.

Four out of the 35 or so are carrying eggs so the colony looks to have expansion potential again.

If you don't remember from my very early posts, I started with 5, went down to 3 and at their peak numbers - upwards of 70. We had 3 die off when the filters didn't work while I was on travel. I don't anticipate traveling at all in the job so the shrimp should be good to go.

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