Sunday, September 20, 2009

First Sail!!!

Took HOO-YAH!!!! out today for the first run!!!


There was windswell coming through as well as a short period south, so the launchings (two) were exciting, but not too bad (timing is everything).

Nick crewed for the first run (just in case the shake down run produced problems). We waited for a lull in the sets and made our way out with no incident. When the puffs hit (pushing about 15 mph), the boat took off on a plane and burying the leeward ama was common (with the windward flying). This boat truly is a skiff on training wheels (for the record, I love training wheels and I will publicly display myself riding watercraft with training wheels from here until someday long into the future). Made ground fairly quickly and got to surf the swell downwind to setup for a landing. Again - timing is everything. Came in to switch out the crew (Nick for La). Beaching was really smooth - this boat is graceful in the water and on the beach (and to an eye with an affinity for hydrodynamics - even on the dolly/trailer).

Made the crew swap and launched again. Pretty much the same run characteristics (good puffs to fly the ama, some holes in the wind and some chances to ride swell downwind). La was very excited to be sailing!!! For the record again, I love my previous BMW R1200R, but not having a regular sitter to watch the two kids kept La and I from enjoying the bike together - when we get to Gulfport and surf/swell are no longer factors - we will all be able to share in the enjoyment of HOO-YAH!!!! and for that I truly LOVE this trimaran - but I still love the BMW too - we'll call it an even exchange for the better.

Oh, La and I both pee'd on the boat, so yes it has been properly christened in the spirit of surfers!!!


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