Monday, September 21, 2009


If money were no object, this is what I would be sleeping in.

It'd have three bedrooms, an office and a storage room for equipment (boards, kites, scuba gear) as well as a nice galley and living area in the central nacelle.

It'd also have photovoltaic panels and 2 wind turbines for electrical power.

And a front and back mounted 240G Automatic Rifle to scare away the bad guys (I don't think I can legally get my hands on a MK-19 grenade launcher, but that would be a good weapon for reaching out and touching the pirates before they could get into RPG range - the standoff distance alone would save us from having to fire the 240, but alas I don't know any arms dealers and heck - I don't even have a big boat to defend) - (THIS IS A JOKE, I AM IN NO WAY, SHAPE, FORM considering acquiring any heavy weaponry).

What isn't a joke is the boat, but it is a ways off yet. This is the one I'd get if I could - the Outremer 55. There is a lot of unridden surf out there....


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