Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Jimmy's New Board

The next best thing to getting a new board is having a good friend get a new board.

Ever since I got a Stretch Fletcher Four Fin Bat Tail back a couple of years ago, Jimmy has been hunting one down.

After several months of juggling priorities, equipment requirements (EQUIPMENT, NOT TOYS), and missing bargains, his patience has paid off!!!

There is a story behind this - one of connections and favors, but I'll spare the details.

For now, behold a brand spanking new 7'4"x2.75"x20" bat tail quad.

Being in a land deprived of surf, I can only mind surf this board - ahh to carve the faces of head high peelers at Lani's with this sleek, wave destroying weapon.....

I need help or I need to surf...

1 comment:

deepsea272 said...

Good to see you all have arrived in one piece. We of the UCT TWO surf club are heading out in the morning to C street. There has been a good swell this week. I will catch one for you. Elisabeth and the kids say hi. We miss you all.