Saturday, November 14, 2009

Oh well -

It would have been ultra nice to have been able to drive from our old place in Oxnard, down for the weekend to eat carne asada burritos from A'Dalbertos on Rosecrans, then watch the megatri BOR 90 as the sun sets over the horizon.

Why couldn't the America's Cup be held last year??!!>>$%#^&^%&%

Stupid litigation! Now I am stuck admiring all the development from afar -

It's no secret who I'm cheering on, and it would have been amazing to see them in person. Here's the boat at moor in San Diego Harbor (not far from the burrito capital of the universe). The night watch has rigged up some mooring sails to keep her bow to the wind. The blog I copied this from said the schooner in the back is a replica of 'America' for whom the Cup is named after. You couldn't have scripted a better picture!

Oh Well!

Photo credits to the guy whose name is in small print on the picture.

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