Saturday, March 13, 2010

Predicting an amphibious weekend!

The wind is supposed to be nuking this weekend - especially today.

However, it's still coming from the W-WNW so side off to offshore direction. BUT HAVE NO FEAR!!! I now know the way to Dauphin Island!!! The plan for today is kiting or windsurfing at the Western tip of the island, go shell hunting, checking out the Estuarium and the nautically themed souvenir shops down there, drive up towards Spanish Fort to buy some tupelo honey and eat dinner at this cool Thai restaurant we had found earlier.

Tomorrow - Roger Evans is entering a race series so I'll be crewing aboard his trimaran. Wind is supposed to die back to 5-15, so it still should be a fun time!!!

Another few weeks and it'll warm enough to lose the wetsuits!!!!

This picture is another from the Japanese website listed in the left hand column - the windsurfer is sailing at a beach in Sagami Bay called Inamuragasaki - I've surfed this wave when it was overhead and barrelling and browsing the web this morning before setting off to hit LA (lower Alabama). As a family, we all vehemently agree that we miss living in Japan. It's neat being able to watch floks surf and windsurf halfway across the planet, then going out to do the same thing on the same day makes the connection still stick.

Get out from behind your computers and get out there!!!

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