Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Side Project - Sewing

After watching my wife La make beautiful things for nearly a decade, I have now gotten the bug to be able to sew things. Not "pretty" or "cute" things, but MANLY things for doing MANLY things - like:

- Board bags
- Combination GPS, Anemometer, Pliers and knife holders
- Equipment covers
- Padded paddle covers
- other manly things

Also hoping to become proficient at doing repairs on kites and sails.

This is the project to get the foundations under my belt - the Sailmaker's Apprentice has an intro project - the DITY bag that has all the different types of stitches and materials pushed into one small project.

I know what you're thinking - doesn't he have enough going on with all the foam and epoxy sitting in the garage? Well - in order to keep the creative juices going, you sometimes have to leave the project you currently are vested in behind so you can come back to it with a fresh perspective - that's what La always tells me anyways when I see her juggling 20 sewing projects. This will be good backup for when I just don't feel like hanging out in the garage.

The picture is the bag parts all laid out and ready for cutting.

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