Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fun Saturday

Got a lot done today -

I paddled from Pass Christian to Gulfport (6.1 nm) - from the wind forecast, this was supposed to be a downwinder. La and the kids dropped me off and as I saw them driving away, I felt the wind pickup from the SE (not the SW as forecasted).

Needless to say, the paddle I was hoping to do in 1 hour took 1.75 -

Anyways - made land fall and played with the kids while La took the board out.

Caught some more baby fish and another blue crab (not quite soft shell, but not fully hardened up yet). I'm getting good at catching those guys.

We went home and took a massive nap! Awesome!

The Slip to Ship regatta took place today. I'm kind of glad I sat this one out - lighter winds for most of the day would have meant slow racing - not my cup of tea. Plus the longer catamarans with more sail area would have spanked me - one of the benefits I have learned about the Weta (and trimarans in general) is that they will handle stronger winds better than cats, but they are slower in lighter winds.

I also finished fine sanding La's SUP. I'll start painting the blanks tomorrow.

Nice day!

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Lala said...

Can you NOT post pics of me in a bikini until I work off the weight I gained during my injury recovery! Dang! Blah! :)