Sunday, August 15, 2010

First Outing!

The boards came out great!!!

The volume balance was perfect in all three!

I predict La's "In the Van" SUP will get a ton of use - nice glide and tremendous stability. When we get to our next duty station, I'll make one of these for myself (a little thinner for better response). From every SUP board I've touched, seen, read about, I think template is the optimum one!

Marlon used his kneeling, sitting, prone and was standing towards the end! No better endorsement than that!!!

Noe was able mimic her big brother in all except the standing part (she didn't want to).

I will make some small tweaks on the kids' boards and then we'll be a paddling family (who paddles their own boards)!!!

In this regard, it is ironic that the place that we as a family have been to and live that had the least amount of waves, ends up being the place that inspires the kids to have the confidence to be water people. For that, I am truly grateful!

Another year of this and we're good and will need to move some place with waves!!!

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