Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I am on a mission to make this board do everything.

Sailing - done.

Paddling flats - done.

Surfing - to do.

Surf Sailing - to do.

Fishing platform - to do (check pictures).

Trolling - to do, soon (check pictures).

Tandem with the kids - to do.

Tandem sailing with the kids - done.

Racing - to do (maybe soon).

Kite - to do.

Roundhouse Cutback (that doesn't take out my back) - to do (it's going to take a while).

I don't regret selling my 11'6" Naish - as a single fin and as thick as it was, it would not do what I wanted it to do. This 11'2" just feels better. Stay tuned for the anti-skunking efforts of this board.

First mod - install tie down points for VERSATILITY!!!

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