Saturday, September 25, 2010

Getting the hang of it!

Marlon was on fire today!!!

He's standing up on his board and paddling around, even in choppy conditions. The wind picked up today so choppy conditions was what we had, but if it was too much to stand, he'd drop to his knees and kept on going!!!

Big M is awesome!!!

He would paddle out straight up wind and then turn the board around, wait for some swell to peak and then he was catching legitimate swell and running DDW! His DNA is finally showing!

Oh - and I got to windsurf too - at the midpoint of the session, I'd have been in the footstraps (if I had them).

La did make a declaration that the stretch of beach we have been going to (across from a pink house in Long Beach along Hwy 90) is now "Our Beach". The last time we made that declaration was in the Outer Banks (mile marker 11 had a nice cutout before Hurricane Isabel rearranged the dunes).

Nice day!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday Kiting Session

It's rare that I get to punch out of work AND there just happens to be a nice South-Easterly breeze. Well I got to and with higher wind speeds on the anemometer, I got compelled to kite.

Brought out the trusty old Naish V4 16 m^2 and ripped it up!!!

Talk about stress relief - there are other ways to kill stress, but besides tearing up a rippable wave, this is one of the better, more efficient ways of doing it.

With the pace of work these days, sometimes I feel old, worn down and generally numb. But I didn't today ;)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pitch Pole

This is Chris Kitchen - one of the designers of the Weta Trimaran - putting the boat through its paces.

I can't get the boat to do this (yet) - he is really pushing it to the limit. I've had the boat up on one ama (broad reach in a gust), but never on a bow down orientation.

When the North winds start up this Fall-Winter, I'll see if I can pitch pole the HOOYAH!!!

My review of "The Windsurfing Movie II"

This movie is rated "FREAKIN AWESOME" by me.

The Mark Angulo segment made me cry (in a great way, not a sissy way).

The Kai Lenny part gave me tremendous hope that windsurfing will make a come back.

The Gorge part made me want to move to the Gorge right now.

This movie took three years to make and it is head and shoulders above the original movie. I preordered it and finally got my copy two days ago and it came with a poster and a tshirt. This is the BEST surfing related movie I've bought in a very long time (and I have plenty - especially since I'm on a non-voluntary wave sabbatical).

Do yourself a favor and order this movie. You will make your life simple again because you will just want to windsurf and hang with the fam. "Screw work" and "I need to win the lottery" were some of the non-windsurfing thoughts that were bouncing around in my mind while I was watching this. I will probably watch it every night for the next year (until we move to a more wave rich environment, then I'll switch to surfing movies again).

And the strongest reason for watching this movie - windsurfing is so zen (more so than any other watersport out there). Go out there and windsurf!!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Another SUP Weekend

We did the same old routine again this weekend -

SUP, SUP-Sailed, Play in the sand, Hang out at the bookstore.

Eat out at Shaggy's, SUP, SUP-Sailed, Played in the sand, cleaned up.

Sounds routine, but we still had tons of fun.

The normal weather pattern has re-established itself. Calm in the morning with building SE winds 5-10 from about 1300 to 1900. Yup - same old, same old.

Something happened yesterday that made me laugh at life -
We were hanging out when a man jogging on the beach with two big dogs (one of the dogs had a missing leg) stopped to take a look at what we were doing. La ended up talking to him a bit and by the end of the conversation, we were accused of "being too sophisticated for being around here..." because we windsurf. We laughed about that the whole way home.

And yeah - that's my hot wife on the board!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Busy at Work

Sorry for not posting lately...

Been busy with work.

Put on a large Change of Command Ceremony last Friday.

Went sailing with Roger and Michelle on Saturday to Cat Island (yes there is still oil out there).

Took the kids to the pool on Sunday.

And have been putting in some hours this week (even though the wind has been blowing nicely in the afternoons).

I was going to do the YOLO Race out in Seaside this weekend, but there is a Mud Run here on base this weekend that I'll do instead.

Hopefully there'll be some wind over the weekend...

Aloha cuz's!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Holding on to Labor Day Weekend

Did the lawn, checked on the neighbor's car, cleaned the bathroom, checked up on some stuff at work and then...

spent the rest of the day at the BEACH!!!

The wind spiked higher a few hours before we went, but being baked as well as we had been throughout the weekend, it was better that we went later.

I still got some decent runs in (REMEMBER - I AM TRYING TO REALLY LIKE WHERE I AM AT - SO THIS IS A RELATIVE ISSUE). And I nailed some great pivot jibes. This old school trip I'm on is actually fun (TRUTH, NOT REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY).

The kids and I also found an alternate use for a boogie board when there is no surf.

We topped it all off with some sushi and that's it - the weekend is done!

Deer Island Dawn Patrol

And just to completely throw you off on this series of posts, I'll throw in a Saturday after Sunday and Friday.

No pictures this post.

I went paddling with Stan Wiles (XO of the Base) on Saturday morning.

We put in at Biloxi Harbor and went out to the Eastern tip of Deer Island (on the Southern shore).

As soon as the sun came out, a North wind filled in and the rest of the paddle became a pain in the @ss.

9.33 miles on this run.

Stan was in a German expeditionary kayak - the thing looked like a tank on the water (think 'Monitor'). I had the Naish 14' - good paddle! Although it wasn't a dawn patrol as I remembered them (Pupukea Beach, 10' faces, Cholo's Omelettes for breakfast and strolling around the surf shops afterwards to checkout the boards - ahhh life in Hawaii...), you still have to appreciate where you are!

Date Paddling

I took a half day off on Friday to go SUPing with La.

We put in at the Pass Christian side of the entrance of Bay St. Louis and paddled across to Bay St. Louis (just by the Catholic School). La was on the 12'6" Infinity and I was on the 11'2" Starboard.

We saw a pod of dolphins working the center of the channel (didn't get a picture this time).

The water was nasty - really brown - but when you're paddling with your sweetie, things like that don't matter.

6.1 miles (La thought it was going to be 2).

After the paddle, we stopped in at Shaggy's in Pass Christian - the grilled Mahi sandwich and the Pulled Pork sandwich were awesome (maybe more so because of the 6 miles???).

It has been a while since La and I had a few hours just to ourselves (it's actually hard for us to drop our kidoroosters off at a babysitters), nice day!

Oh - and I had the board fishing rig bungeed on - I trolled a Krocodile spoon but didn't get a single hit. Cross another 'to do' off the list.


We spent the majority of yesterday at the beach (no surprise huh).

Tandem paddling, tandem windsurfing (in nearly zero wind - 5-8 mph on the Gulfport Harbor anemometer) and digging holes at the beach.

I nailed every jibe and made my tacks with the kids on board. I don't remember being able to do that when I was windsurfing back in Kailua. The Starboard Blend - a magic board!