Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My review of "The Windsurfing Movie II"

This movie is rated "FREAKIN AWESOME" by me.

The Mark Angulo segment made me cry (in a great way, not a sissy way).

The Kai Lenny part gave me tremendous hope that windsurfing will make a come back.

The Gorge part made me want to move to the Gorge right now.

This movie took three years to make and it is head and shoulders above the original movie. I preordered it and finally got my copy two days ago and it came with a poster and a tshirt. This is the BEST surfing related movie I've bought in a very long time (and I have plenty - especially since I'm on a non-voluntary wave sabbatical).

Do yourself a favor and order this movie. You will make your life simple again because you will just want to windsurf and hang with the fam. "Screw work" and "I need to win the lottery" were some of the non-windsurfing thoughts that were bouncing around in my mind while I was watching this. I will probably watch it every night for the next year (until we move to a more wave rich environment, then I'll switch to surfing movies again).

And the strongest reason for watching this movie - windsurfing is so zen (more so than any other watersport out there). Go out there and windsurf!!!

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