Monday, October 18, 2010

Cast Away

Big M has been asking to learn how to catch the smaller fish we see at the beach every time we go. He asks if I can chase them down with the hand nets that we have and I've said 'no - they are too fast - I need a cast net to do that'.

So what would a 7 year old do after that?

He asks for a cast net.

Well we finally got one for him - a 3.5' radius net. He'll need to grow a little bit taller before he can throw this one proficiently.

I did catch quite a few and as luck would have it, the tide was way out. And there just happened to be an isolated tide pool. We threw the finger mullet that we caught into the pool and Marlon got to practice there. "Shooting fish in a barrel".

He did get the net to open several times.

Another fun day at the beach!

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