Sunday, November 21, 2010

The "Other" Boats

If we don't end up in Hawaii (San Diego, DC Area, Virginia Beach or North Carolina are the other places we are considering planting roots), this is the boat we'll most likely end up with - the Farrier F22 (this is Rob Fleming's boat - photo poached of the F-22 site).

I've blogged about it before, but I figured I mentioned the powercat, I should mention the sailboat.

For now, I am happy with the Weta and all the other garage-able windpowered craft. The only complaint I had about the Weta was the trip from the parking garage to the launching point, and the return trip back from the water's edge to the trailer - pure torture to my lower back, thighs and calves. Well I just ordered a beach wheel kit that should end all that misery and kill the last excuse for not sailing the boat more.

The kit should be here Tuesday, installed on the dolly Wednesday and on the beach by Thanksgiving Weekend. Photo by Eric Lyon from the Yahoo Group for Weta Trimarans (his beach wheels installed). Just in time for the stiff North wind (predicted by the weather models.... hopefully I'm not setting myself up for another skunked weekend...).

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