Sunday, November 21, 2010

Power Catamaran

I went to Roger's house yesterday to check out the powerboat he sold a couple of years ago. Glacier Bay 22' Cuddy Cabin. The guy he sold it to asked him to clean it up a bit so Roger has it at the house and is attacking it with a buffer and gel coat conditioning chemicals.

If we end up living in Hawaii, I'll more than likely end up with the 26' model of this boat, or a 26' Boston Whaler so we can take trips out to the other islands, do escort runs for the interisland races, go fishing for Mahi, go diving and just have fun. With the winds the way they are in the channels, it can be rough on a sailboat - most of the sailing I did back in the day was windsurfing and kiting - if we do go back, mix in the Weta and I'll be fine. The powerboat would be a different tool in the toolbox.

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