Saturday, May 7, 2011

Paddling at the Nearest Beach

I had a friend visit last weekend - Jason Glover - and he is just getting into Stand Up Paddling. SO we loading up a couple of boards and looked at a map to see where we could get some paddling in. We took a drive out to Sandy Point Beach Park in Maryland.

Nice place for paddling - but the sand was more like soil. And compared to the beaches along the Mississippi Gulf Coast, the drop off is really steep and really quick - so we told the kids to be careful. With the steep drop off, I actually placed a Seeker fin on La's board and what a difference it made in tracking (straight as an arrow - about twice the paddle strokes per side before needing to switch over as compared to the shallow water fin we have been using).

Today, we'll try to see where else we can paddle - including our backyard - stay tuned...

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