Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Seaworld Surprise

On the way from Gulfport to Northern Virginia, we told the kids that we would stop by Lola and Lolo's place in Jacksonville and that we would spend time surfing their favorite break (Poles at Mayport).

Well, since the SeaWorld Conglomerates are still giving out free admissions to the their parks for military, we couldn't turn that down.

SeaWorld Orlando is a much bigger place than SeaWorld San Diego. We spent about 6 hours roaming and checking things out - by the time all was said and done, we were pooped. But I think if this walrus pooped, it would be bigger than us (or at least Marlon and Noe). This was the second time (that I can recall) having seen a walrus (the first was at the Enoshima Aquarium in Shonan, Japan) - but the display here showed the immensity of a walrus much better - wouldn't want to accidentally bump into one of those while surfing - would scare the poop out of me...

We also watched the Shamu show. They were running a different program than the one we saw last time we were at San Diego - no trainers were in the pool this time. The big one that drowned the trainer was back in the show - seemed to be fine, but it looks like the staff (and the lawyers and insurance company) are taking the safe route.

Marlon and I got to feed the rays (always cool to see them feed) - and this place had manatees (first time the kids got to see those). Now Marlon has been reading up on mermaids and how sailors for centuries past mistook manatees for mermaids (long time out at sea eehhh sailor????)

The kids were stoked that we made this stop along the way!

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