Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Brother from another Mother

I have only bestowed this title to a few -

Fellow Naval Service Members of mine I worked with while in Iraq (for the Army, which is why I wrote the comment the way I did);

People I studies long and hard with to get through my formal schooling (you know who you are);

And most notably, the very few that I have surfed waves, dove or kited with not just in one place, but in several spots around this small planet of ours.

This guy is one of the later -

Ladies and gentlemen, Nick Yamodis.

Here's the quote he sent me with the pictures:
Got a fun session on Sunday in the bay on the
crossbow 12. The waves wrapped into a perfect set up where it was
actually side off on the rights - which gets no better for me. I got
a few completely satisfying snaps that produced a beautiful fan of
water in the sky. I love kiting in the waves.

Spoken like a true Homo amphibian!

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