Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lumpia Beginnings

This is what three bonefish and two goatfish look like when caught, scaled, definned, frozen, thawed, filleted, then finally raked with a fork and pulled off the skin with a spoon.

The meat is really fine - even finer than ground turkey.

Next is the carrot, potato and onion chopping (but I'll save that for tomorrow night).

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Procrastinating Part 2

As I am typing this blog entry I am successfully procrastinating...

If I didn't already say/imply it, today was fun. Lots of jumps, some swell riding and several people out on the water to share the sunshine and warm, blue water.

I also windsurfed after lunch. Actually it was a regatta - I haven't learned my lesson yet to test out the harness line positions. Now I have very, very, very, very,very sore forearms. Used an 8.0 sail in what I would have called 7.5 wind conditions. Still a good time (came in third this time - I won't admit I threw the race, but the marina guys are threatening to throw me into the advanced category - which I would gladly do if I could jibe at speed). I'll post pictures of this later.

Nice day on the water!

Procrastinating Part 1

In a deliberate effort to not "work" today (even though I have enough to keep me busy 36 hours a day, 10 days a week), I went kiting this morning.

Here are some of the many faces of kiting - the "I have water in my eyes" look, the "oh boy" look and the dreaded "uh oh" look.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Friday - Saturday - Starting Something New

It has been a long week -

I had the full intent to leave work at 1600 to either kite or fish.

I didn't leave until 1730. I bolted home and went to the O'Club Beach.

I landed a small bonefish - it had a ton of fight in him and as I release it back into the surf, the stress of the entire week washed away...

So here comes Saturday. Fishing at a different point around Thunder Cove. I brought the fishing kite to see if I could push a piece of bait way out to the drop (inside the lagoon drop, not the big one ocean side). The wind was patchy so I decided not to risk dropping the kite. After an hour of trying and no real bites, we moved back to the tried and true point on the other side.

I saw a number of rays, mullet, some batfish and a rather large permit - but no bites. Mike caught a medium sized bonefish. Frustration set in.

Lunch time comes around - as soon as I get home, I stuffed my face with a couple of bites and then grabbed my pole and a small piece of squid. I pitched the squid out at the shoreline just out my door and I landed a small pompano. A couple of more casts and I caught another one.

SO - no skunking for me today.

There was a regatta today and I posted a second place just behind the British Representative - rounding the outbound buoy, I did not see the inboard mark and the Brit Rep got a few boat lengths ahead of me. I made some time up, but he sailed a solid race to properly beat me.

Immediately after the regatta, they had a standup paddleboard race using the Starboard Starts.

Guess who won that race...

Monday, August 22, 2011

One (trigger)fish - Two (Bone)fish

Yesterday was solid rain. I did ride my bike in and worked out at the gym, then went in to work for a while. Besides getting wet from the rain, not a very amphibious day.

Mondays are always meat grinder days (aren't they for everyone?). This one was no exception.

I did call it quits at 1730 and rode my bike to the O'Club Beach. The wind was strangely absent and I took the opportunity to cast a deceiver (fly).

After 20 minutes of casting the fly (not too bad, but not too good either - at least it got out there) and not getting a single hit (maybe because the fly was beat to a pulp - it certainly didn't make me hungry), I switched to spinning gear. The other guys fishing were catching the small pompano, mackerel, goatfish and one small trevally.

I caught a Humuhumunukunukuapuaa pretty early on.

Then I got a couple of hard hits that snapped the leader off. When I go back home for leave, I need to get some more braid line.

I put on a small, red squid lure and as soon as I casted it out, the hard hitter took it.

SO I put on a 30 lb test leader and I finally brought the culprits in - these two fine bonefish. I felt generous today so I let them go (they seemed to be on the small side of lumpia making sized).

The good thing about going fishing out here is the lack of logistical preparation - just grab a small bag of bait, your pole and tackle bag and 5 minutes later you're hooking some scaled aquatic life - nice way to end the day!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday Fishing Trip

Lots of wind and chop in the lagoon. Wet ride in the Mako -

Despite the weather conditions, I caught a decent sized bonefish and a bunch of small snapper. I kept the bonefish and set the others free.

Mike brought in a bonita and a nice trevally by trolling.

As always - good time fishing!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hobie Cruising

I took these this past Sunday...

The Deep Sea fishing boat Captains took their assistants out on the Hobies to get them more experience in sketchy conditions. This was the same day I was kiting (I had an 11m kite up).

I think it is time I got qualified on the Hobie 16 so I can fly some hulls and tear it up!

Dinner - Bonita Adobo

I spoke with my Dad over the weekend on Skype.

I was able to get his recipe for making adobo.

I applied it to the bonito I had in the freezer. Bonito usually has a very strong fish taste, but in adobo it was neutralized very well.

Nice dinner!

Fish Hunting Devices

Flies and Plugs.

Time to go fishing!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Kiting Session

The wind was pretty steady and stiff today.

CF137x41 and the Cabrinha 11m Xbow - equipment perfection!

I got some crazy jumps in, but I actually went way inside of where I normally track - the windsurfers went South today to do a long downwinder - I went where they normally go so I can ride the swell.

No peeling breakers, but I'll take what I can get - even discontiguous wind swell.

I think it is awesome crosstraining when you have to surf fakie (more like switch snowboarding) - my outbound tack did this today (right foot forward for me). I could feel muscles being used in ways they normally aren't.

Fun session!

Now if I can translate these 'S' turns and body positioning to my windsurfing...

Saturday, August 13, 2011

From Ocean to Plate

Wahoo Poke - only two hours off the boat.

Nice "Pirate" day - fishing in a pristine wilderness, dividing fish booty and sailing in a race.

The only way to make it better is to do it with family - I miss you guys!

More Fishing Trip Pictures and the Rest of the Day

The rest of the catch -

After we got back and got the fish in the freezer, it was back to the Marina.

They had a regatta pushed back from last weekend when the weather
was a bit rough.

13 boats sailed in the race - I took first. I didn't shred my shin this time either. Right after the regatta, they held a pedal boat race - and I got pulled into that (they needed more people to even out the teams). Pedal boats are a lot of work....

Deep Sea Fishing Bonanza!

Went out on in one of the Boston Whalers in the morning -

We made a beeline for South Point again.

The wind and the waves made this trip a little bit more challenging. The other thing that made it challenging was the main topic all the other passengers were talking about for the entire trip was their propensity towards getting seasick. Talk about a self fulfilling prophecy...

After three hours of listening to that kind of talk and watching two others puke their guts out about once every 30 minutes, even my cast iron stomach lost it. YES - THE MIGHTY WATER DUDE HIMSELF PUKED ON A BOAT. There - I said it. Thick, brown three- hour old chocolate powerbar and some Japanese rice crackers - out with four projectile heaves and that was that. I felt much better.


I caught a 20 pound Wahoo and Mike caught a 30 pound one.

We all brought in Yellowfin.

So even with all the puking going on, the trip was well worth it!

When I go out again, I am going to implement the "Fight Club" rule - you don't talk about fight club (so you should not talk about getting seasick).

School is in Session

This is a different spot - near the sewage treatment plant outfall.

Checkout the school of mullet - again ridiculously dense fish population.

Bird's Nest Ferns

Not directly an 'amphibious' post, but these plants are pretty cool.

And they grow really close to the sea (so there is your connection).

This tone of green is also very relaxing, which is also an amphibious deal-i-o.

But neither of those reasons holds water - what really makes this more amphibious? The animals that live under these ferns - giant land crabs and the coconut crab. I didn't see any in the area (may be molting), but I will try to go to the other side of the island during the beach cleanup and take a picture of these crabs.

Man O' War

This looks very much like the Man O' War jellyfish that used to blow into Kailua Bay while I was windsurfing there in the 90's.

Those boogers would literally jump up onto the backs on my knees while I was zooming by - talk about pain.

How ironic (or coincidental) that in the place I am trying to relearn to windsurf, these natural windsurfers and I reunite (although I hope in a non-tactile sense).

Oh - and isn't the name just so cool? Man O' War - I get all giddy just saying it (evokes a feeling of power and presence).

Indian Ocean Spiny Lobster

No I didn't eat this guy - this was "as-is" washed up on the beach.

Interesting colors on this one (despite the rest of him being gone).

Makes you wonder who (or what) did eat it...


My office is sponsoring a pretty significant beach cleanup in a couple of weeks. I spend some time with one of my Environmental Department workers scouting out the beaches where we will be working.

The next few posts will show some of the things that I saw.

Here a hermit crab demonstrates the principle of "Reuse".

In the picture, I am measuring the width of a green turtle's tracks. Lots of nesting activity going on.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Third Day in a Row with a Bonefish

1800 at the O'Club Beach.

I didn't respool my rod yet - didn't have the patience to sit and take care of business.

On my first cast, snag.

On my second cast, snag and pissed Vic.

I only brought two rigs so off I go back to the room to get more.

Eventually I get back and am fishing again. I landed this little guy - pound for pound these Bonefish are tough fighters - and then my day is made right and the universe is at peace again.

So here I am typing away and I also just finished respooling my medium heavy rod/reel with 50# braid.

When I go fishing next, beware aquatic creatures - no more snapped lines for me!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Pole Breaking In

I went to the Ship's Store today at lunch. Got some groceries and couldn't pass up a new 1100 Medium Weight Ugly Stik.

Well - you don't get a new pole and not take it out.

I left work (1800 - good grief) and made a beeline for the O'Club Beach.

I landed this Bonefish.

I also caught this crab. She was too busy chomping away at the squid on the hook to notice she was out of the water. She is a she because she had lots of bright orange eggs (which she is protecting in the picture).

The pole is a hair stiffer than the Penn I snapped yesterday - and I am using a slightly bigger reel. When I get a chance, I will most likely spool this reel with some 30 lb braid - I lost a rig today after a hit.

After that, this will be a great rod/reel!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Late Afternoon Fishing

Before I start catching sh!t from everybody about going fishing on a work day, this all took place after 1700. If you have a problem with that, you should get counseling on being a workaholic, or at least go find a way to release some of your own stress.

Went to Thunder Cove again -

Mike caught a decent sized Bonefish.

I snapped a lightweight rod.

I saw the small sharks again, a small turtle (Hawksbill I think), a few stingrays and two small eagle rays all on the sand flats.

Nice way to shake off a bunch of meetings!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

More Fishing

Mike's Trevally.

I've got to catch one of these soon. I've been concentrating on catching the small fish for a challenge, but I need to remember that fighting a great fish is also challenging (duh).

Behind Mike is the point. This is my new favorite fishing spot - pain in the ass to get to, but well worth it. We speculated that at a really low tide, you can walk out a ways to the deeper part of the lagoon - and catch more Trevally!

Passing the Time on Sunday

It was raining on and off all day.

The previous plans I made were all cancelled (regatta and diving).

One of the other guys that likes fishing out here gave me a call and said he was going fishing because he was bored (already took a nap and with the rain, his bike ride was cancelled). You don't have to twist my arm to go fishing....

We went to "Thunder Cove" -

I caught this small flounder right at the beginning. Cool camouflage pattern. I also caught a glimpse of a sand crab out here - something to keep in mind when the wind dies back (flyfishing).

I saw a bunch of mullet eating algae off the inshore rocks (the picture of water is really a picture of one of the two schools I saw). They were hanging out without a care in the world - that means the predatory fish weren't there.

Then I went up to where Mike (the other guy) was fishing...

He had just caught a small Trevally while wading out to the end of a shallow point.

While he was hiking back to get more bait, I cast out - nice sandy flats with some rocky outcroppings.

While wading out, I saw a 24" Blacktip Shark. I saw another similar sized one later. The water was only 18" deep - pretty cool to see. Next time I go fishing out there, I'll probably chum the water to see how they react (and film it with the camera in the underwater housing).

The rain started coming back - just as I landed a Bonefish! Nice fighter - he pulled the line around some rocks, but I waited him out. Nice fish!

Before long, the afternoon was over and what was going to be an afternoon cleaning the room and watching videos on the computer turned into a pretty cool outing!