Saturday, August 13, 2011

Deep Sea Fishing Bonanza!

Went out on in one of the Boston Whalers in the morning -

We made a beeline for South Point again.

The wind and the waves made this trip a little bit more challenging. The other thing that made it challenging was the main topic all the other passengers were talking about for the entire trip was their propensity towards getting seasick. Talk about a self fulfilling prophecy...

After three hours of listening to that kind of talk and watching two others puke their guts out about once every 30 minutes, even my cast iron stomach lost it. YES - THE MIGHTY WATER DUDE HIMSELF PUKED ON A BOAT. There - I said it. Thick, brown three- hour old chocolate powerbar and some Japanese rice crackers - out with four projectile heaves and that was that. I felt much better.


I caught a 20 pound Wahoo and Mike caught a 30 pound one.

We all brought in Yellowfin.

So even with all the puking going on, the trip was well worth it!

When I go out again, I am going to implement the "Fight Club" rule - you don't talk about fight club (so you should not talk about getting seasick).

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