Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Pole Breaking In

I went to the Ship's Store today at lunch. Got some groceries and couldn't pass up a new 1100 Medium Weight Ugly Stik.

Well - you don't get a new pole and not take it out.

I left work (1800 - good grief) and made a beeline for the O'Club Beach.

I landed this Bonefish.

I also caught this crab. She was too busy chomping away at the squid on the hook to notice she was out of the water. She is a she because she had lots of bright orange eggs (which she is protecting in the picture).

The pole is a hair stiffer than the Penn I snapped yesterday - and I am using a slightly bigger reel. When I get a chance, I will most likely spool this reel with some 30 lb braid - I lost a rig today after a hit.

After that, this will be a great rod/reel!

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