Saturday, November 19, 2011


I struck out at the first place I fished at this morning. I did get a medium sized grouper, but it spit the hook (I was using a 1 ounce Mark White surface lure).

We made our way to the outfall and fished there.

I tried to see if anything would take a fly - nope. So I went back to throwing a lure (bigger ones). About an hour into the stop, I got a great hit on my lure - this Bluefin Trevally. It actually had a second one following that was just as big - but I got this one in with a little drama (check the picture)

Obviously it snapped my pole - it broke as I was trying to lift the fish out of the water (there is a pretty good drop from where you stand to fish to the water). Oh well - that's fishing!

I got it weighed at the marina - 14 pounds. It measured 28" nose to fin tips. This is the biggest Bluefin Trevally I've taken to date. Definitely big enough to make my day!

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