Sunday, December 25, 2011

Nailed a 33 Pound Wahoo!

This is how I spent my Christmas Day - literally the whole day from trolling for pelagics, gyotakuing, filleting, cooking and eating.

This guy wouldn't give up! Pulled line and made me work (just like I like it!!!). Just when I got it to the boat, it dove again and worked hard against the drag - pulled out a bunch more line. I got it close again and it dove a third time and yanked the pole out of my fighting belt. A fight that was well worth the price of admission!!!

Measured in at 51.5 inches and 33 pounds -

I'll post pictures of the gyotaku I made of this Wahoo and a small Yellowfin Tuna in a bit (after they've been touched up).

Man I love fishing out here!

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