Sunday, March 11, 2012

Better Score Today

After surfing, I beat feet to the Southern fishing spot.

The tide was still way out, but the waves were bigger and the weather rainier than yesterday.

I made a beeline for the big rut that juts in (same place as the last few trips down here).

I saw a school of trevally pushing the waterline - lots of activity between the reef fish and the trevally.

I pitched the gummy fish and I hooked up with a huge trevally!!! It wasn't pulling out line but I wasn't able to pull it in either. The water was flowing pretty rapidly through this choke point I was fishing. After about five minutes of this tug of war, the orvis knot I tied the fly on with gave way - I estimate the trevally was just over 10 pounds and most likely a big thick-lipped (GTs and Bluefin Trevally run harder). Oh well - you can't win them all...

I tied on a deceiver and was back in business - I landed these two Bluefin Trevally back to back. The first I hooked in the back just forward of the dorsal fin and the second was a square shot in the jaw. Good fighters!!!

The rains finally came and I took shelter under the coconut trees (I saw one flash of lightning - I'm not taking any chances).

By the time I went back out, the tide had come up a notch so I switched tactics to fish for bonefish. I caught this schoolie and called it quits.

Fish 1 - Me 3

Although if you count that big trevally taking my second to last gummy fish fly, I'll give it another point. Great weekend of fishing!

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