Wednesday, March 21, 2012

SUP Fishing

This afternoon Steve-O and I brought the ULI FAQ out to the sunken wreck. There is a group of Trevally that hangout there until feeding time. I tried casting a Mark White 1.5 ounce Bar to see if I could hook into one and have it drag me around on the SUP.

I got a bunch of them interested, but no takers.

Next time I think I will use a fly setup - maybe a Polar Fly or the gummy minnow. Since this was flatwater and not pounding surf, the fish had a lot more time to scrutinize the lure. Hopefully the fly will throw them.

In any case - a paddle out was a great way to end the day!


Lala said...

are you serious....they make you wear life vest while SUPing just yards off!

Guess you need something to save you in case you fall....LMAO...haha ;)

Victor Velasco said...

Yup - rules for the infants in the pool. I figured I was going to stir the pot enough with the SUP fishing - I didn't need to give them a reason to stop me...