Saturday, April 21, 2012


Fish like these. You should too - If you do procure a few to try, be careful - as they will make everything else in your tackle boxes obsolete and if you have any streak of OCD, you'll have to convert. I have trolled these for several months now and when there are droughts where the fish are not biting, I am often the only one catching (I have never been skunked yet). When the fish are striking in groups, I consistently bring in the big ones. I have lost a few of these to some big fish I never got to see, but that in itself is a testimony to the effectiveness of these lures - weight, durability, appearance, and possibly the best attribute being the turbulence pattern put out by the textured bottom surface and metallic based electric signals - resin may be cheaper, but in my book you get what you pay for. I don't mean to sound jaded or conceded here - and this isn't bragging. I don't get paid by Mark White and I do have other lures. I am just sharing my experience and the analysis I have made (I'm an engineer - even in my pastimes I'll analyze data if it's there). If you are serious about fishing by trolling, you need these - or maybe you should stick to what works for you and stick to fishing (I'll be catching!)

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