Friday, April 20, 2012

Here's the one I caught

I haven't been able to sleep lately - bad jetlag. I'm not even fighting it anymore - one more round of hellacious travel coming up - so why bother. The good part of it all is I have plenty of time to work on fun stuff - rigging lures and improving the gyotaku I've been working on. Here is the barracuda I caught earlier this week. 32" from nose to fork. Mark - if you're reading this, it took a 7" light blue pusher. As far as the gyotaku - where there was once frustration for me, there is now only satisfaction (Ron - many mahalos again!!!) - I have come to realize the current wide paper I have (which doesn't have the visible fibers) isn't really optimal for gyotaku. I doesn't take the sumi ink from the printing or the color application very well - relatively speaking the shoji door type paper is as good as it gets (same paper I used for the shark bitten barracuda). So with the passing of time (I'm still not sleepy), dawn will soon break and despite the new moon, I'll try landing a few more leviathans. Fly first, spinning when the tide starts to fill in. More posts later today.

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