Monday, April 16, 2012

New Truck Configuration

it getting close to the time when I can get a new truck.

La's Odyssey is almost paid off and I'll finally be able to get a gear hauler.

I have been wavering based on fuel costs, but considering what this next vehicle needs to be able to do (drag the boat, drive over dunes to get to surf and fishing, cross snow covered roads to hit the snowboarding slopes and hold all the LOGISTICS that La will pack), that is a cost that has to be borne.

To maximize space management efficiency, I have been contemplating a rack configuration. Longboards, sails and masts can go on top and shorter, more compact things stay in the bed.

I saw this truck (longbed four door Tacoma) near Diamondhead - I'm pretty sure this is the config I'll end up getting.

Eventually coupled with air shocks in the rear to handle the next boat and a hitch receiver in the front to hold a fishing/cooler rig, the truck will be awesome!!!

(Marlon - if you are reading this, when you get old enough to drive and are ready to go to college, this will be your truck - learn how to wax this summer)


NC Paddle Surfer said...

That is my previous configuration. 2 months ago I traded my 2011 Tacoma with only 25,000 miles on it for a full size GMC. Some of my friends were shocked. But the reality is the full size GMC is getting the same milage commuting back and forth to work as the Tacoma and beating it on the highway. I get 19 mpg on the GM and my highway mileage doesn't nose dive as bad as the Tacoma at 70 mph. The GMC running in V4 mode at light loads is sick.

I went with a BakFlip folding tonneau for the bed. I can fit my windsurf or SUP diagonally in the bed, locked under the tonneau.

Thought you might find this interesting, since we both haul similar toys.

Victor Velasco said...

Thanks DW -

I wondered why I didn't see your Tacoma in the pictures anymore.

I have thought about the F150 (ecoboost) and the Tundra...

We'll see -

NC Paddle Surfer said...

I thought about the eco boost too. Read about a few problems with it, so I went back to GM. Haven't owned a GM since 1994. Fingers crossed.