Monday, May 14, 2012

Passing time on Sunday

So one of my fishing buddies gets a windfall from someone looking to dump all his gear. He forks over $500 and in return he has several rod/reel combos. So many that he doesn't mind parting with a Shimano TLD50. I fork over $100 and I have a slightly used heavy duty reel. I got a great deal and I wanted to return the favor. I printed the last fish Rodney caught (on the Mark White Squid lures on Saturday's trip - he landed the big Wahoo). He is going home to see his son and wanted to show him the fish he was catching. I knocked this gyotaku out in a day. Oh - and I went flyfishing - this trip made me appreciate the secret spot I found earlier - the fish here out in the open were a lot more spooky. My old hole was a barrel where I could focus on larger fish looking to avoid larger fish. I did manage to catch a two-barred goatfish, and two groupers on a clouser"ish" that I tied.

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