Friday, May 18, 2012

Short but Productive Outting

Punched out of work on Friday afternoon and trolled the lagoon. Boated three BFTs and a GT in an hour and a half. The GT came in on a kite rod - ironic how the biggest fish was caught on the setup least able to handle it (good on you Mike for wrestling that beast on that setup). Always an awesome time. The colors on the Blue Fin Trevally always amaze me. I did a bunch of prints of these guys including my first double (the BFTs). We'll see how they turn out. After this week, I am essentially turning over so I can go home. It's been a long year away from my family and I am more than ready to go back to them. But while I am waiting, I'll make a bunch of gyotaku to work on when I'm back with the kids and La ;)

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