Thursday, July 19, 2012

Welcome Back Home Fishing

So we're back home - no more surf for a month or so (next time we'll hit the Outer Banks). I asked the kids if they wanted to go fishing and they said no - so I went solo. I started with a G Gnat, but I was experimenting with terminal knots and after I saw a large bluegill pig come up for the gnat, and then after setting the hook I saw it mouthing a fly realizing it wasn't food - I figured out that the knot slipped ($#*%). I put on a green scud and kept on fishing. I pulled in a bunch of small bluegill and these two smallmouth bass. Now that I am fishing for the fish that are here where I live, I am happy to get it all dialed in and go catching - it now doesn't matter that the fish I'm catching aren't 20 pound Trevally or thigh bone sized Albula - 1 or 2 ounce young Bluegills are fun when you can sight fish them. Another good day of fishing (tenkara style with a lightweight Soyokaze - awesome!!!!)

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