Monday, September 10, 2012

Closer look at the Big Tuna

Bad allergy reaction today so I didn't take the kayak out. But I did experiment with where the optimum location for the Wheeleez yak rack is (a couple of feet behind the bow) and looked at the seat mounting brackets. Here's the camo I alluded to yesterday - a lot more brown on the deck than there was on the lower hull. If you let your eyes get lazy then look at the hull plan shape, it looks a lot like the modern racing paddleboards - narrow displacement hull that widens gradually until the last third then skinnies out a little at the end while still keeping the square tail (for stability). Lots of converging going on. I'll try to take it out tomorrow afternoon and play around with no/one/two kids on and working the board with a SUP paddle (Standing Up!!!) and a conventional kayak paddle.

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