Saturday, February 9, 2013

Run to 4 Mile Run

I went back to check on the action at 4 Mile Run this afternoon. It was an incoming tide and an offshore (and blustery) wind. The water was clear, but I didn't see a single piscine lifeform - not even small gobies (like I had seen last time). There were a couple of guys fishing with spinning gear down by the Route 1 bridges, but I didn't see them catching anything. I did see copious amounts of plastic garbage strewn about the high water line. This stuff will be around long after were gone. We're awesome!!!! Do your grandkid's grandkids a favor and reduce-reuse-recycle. And while I'm at it, make sure you don't throw your cigarette butts out the window when you're done smoking - really - how hard is it to put them where they will do a minimized amount of damage (with the rest of our non-biodegradable trash - did I say we are AWESOME????

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Eric Hahn said...

I hear ya, that kinda carelessness is totally unsat.