Sunday, March 10, 2013

Getting Closer -

In more ways than one - closer to our Spring Break session down in the Outer Banks. Closer to filling up the fly boxes for said trip. Closer to breaking the run of no bites. The top box has mostly Shad Darts in various styles - we're a bit closer to that run also (I'm hoping the first week in April). I've been plying the net looking for flies that look interesting to tie. I stumbled on a picture of these tiny shrimp. They reminded me of the Opae Ula we have - it was fun figuring out how to tie these. Now hopefully they'll bring in the goods... about catching fish - after a jog today, I checked out the lake by our place - I saw two smaller bass and several minnows. No bluegill yet, but with the sun shining, the water warming up it should be back on in maybe a couple of weeks. For now, I'll keep tying flies.

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