Sunday, March 17, 2013

New and Improved FFISW

This is the new cover of Fly Fishing In Salt Waters. This represents a change in the previous version that has largely stayed the same since 1994. I almost blew by the magazine on the rack because of the difference. The content is different as well - the imagery reminds me of "Field and Stream" where the presentation is given in a more "pay attention - this is an epic journey" flavor instead of the "I'm an old fly fishing guide and I'm about to tell a story so come on and grab a seat". Time will tell if there is a difference, and whether it is for good or bad - at first pass it does seem like a plus up in the imagery department, but they seemed to do away with the fly tying tutorials. Hopefully it does not take the turn I feel Outside magazine took a bit ago - stories and articles that cater to the elite, the well funded and single - you can look but you, the common man with a normal job, loving wife and a couple of great kids, cannot touch, afford or take the requisite time off to make the trips listed with the gear shown on the pages ($7000 bikes???? really????). This diversion did take my mind off the fact it is still 40 degrees and cloudy outside - if I stare long enough at the pages with the Seychelles then quickly close my eyes, I could feel the warmth of the sun and the blue water as I wade the flats - ok not really but it confirms I am all wintered out - bring on Summer!!!

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