Monday, March 25, 2013

New Inlet Beachcombing

It's Spring Break for the kids and we are hanging out in the Outer Banks. WE LOVE THIS PLACE!!! From trying to properly pronounce Chicamacomico (Chimichanga always rolls off the tongue) to hitting the old haunts (like the Ocean Air shop formerly known as Windsurfing Hatteras), this place is timeless for us. My hip is giving me grief right now so I opted to flyfish instead of SUP surf. This spot was just south of the New Inlet (recent storm breech? - they had a bailey bridge rigged up to cross the new water way). I didn't catch crap!!! This is like the fourth time I've gone this year and I haven't even seen a fish. I brought my gyotaku stuff down and a ton of fishing equipment - I even bought a tourist fishing license. I'll resort to using bait in a day or so. The kids loved digging smaller holes (not their normal stand inside holes) while La collected shells. The only issue was the cold - with winter still clinging, we were lucky to hit 50 today. The wind did not help. Tomorrow we'll probably hit the Aquarium at Manteo Island and check out the Wright Brothers Memorial at Kitty Hawk. I'll also try to sneak in a SUP surf session in the morning (cold water helps sore hip joints right???!!!???). No matter what we do, it will involve a lot of chill'in - literally and figuratively.

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