Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sakuramen Trip

We drove through the Tidal Basin portion of DC yesterday thinking the Sakura "Monza" or peak bloom would be underway (from the poor advice given by the radio announcers - it's like they were paid by the city, the food vendors and the festival organizers to tell the general public "come down now before the blooms are gone" even though they haven't come out yet - it is after all the weekend and you need to give us all your money). It was super crowded and if you didn't pick up on my sarcasm, barely any blossoms were out. We decided to divert and eat ramen. I had the "meat-lover's" bowl this time and it was even better than the DC Bowl I ate last time - savory, warm goodness with delicious slices of pork belly and beef swimming among the al dente noodles. I'm sure the food was not good for my diet (I'm trying to lose another 6 pounds), but if you are going to blow a diet, you need to do so in style. We will probably have to try a different ramen shop next time, but Sakuramen has set a really high bar (third best ramen shop I have ever eaten at).

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