Sunday, June 2, 2013

Amphibious Assault Craft or Nurturing Mother Ship

Catch up post from last weekend. Beaver Dam Reservoir. We went looking for the dense population of carp we saw as the air temps just started to rise - but they weren't there anymore. We did see a bunch of schools of tiny fish (we didn't have a net fine enough to catch them to see what they were - but with the timing, I suspect they are hatching carp) and a few sunnies poking out from the newly grown grass - which leads me to the subject of the post. This kayak kicks butt - we rode right over the dense grasses and got in to the spots where the carp were hanging out (albeit a few weeks too late). But the kayak also offered tons of storage space to satisfy thirsty paddlers and hungry tummies. So this thing is both an amphibious assault craft and a mother ship that can carry the kitchen sink.

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