Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Brilliant Idea!!!

This was originally posted at www.standupzone.com on their Wind Powered tab. Now this is another way to SUP Sail - looks like we will all have to make a distinction between WindSUPing and SUP Sailing from now on. Seeing this picture sent my mind spinning (trolling lures without the logistics of managing a windsurfing rig, paddling upwind for exercise and sail-farting around back downwind, sailing until the wind dies and then paddle, teaching the kids how to sail downwind - and on and on!!! The things you can do on a SUP never cease to amaze me - besides this being a fun way to SUP on a lazy breezy day, it would also be fantastic spinnaker training - even jibing the chute!!! I've got an old kite downstairs and a crafty wifey who can sew.... I'm not sure who to credit for the picture, but who ever you are - thanks for the catalyst!!!

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