Saturday, June 15, 2013

Change of Plan

No new SUP for me. I made a list of things/projects/equipment that I have based on focus areas and outdoors capabilities like SUPing in various its forms, sailing, kiting, fishing in its permutations - Western fly, Japanese fly, spinning, baitcasting, offshore, etc - and equipment in these areas to support La, Marlon and Noe. I prioritized what we have access to and what I've only partially resourced and I have come up with a prioritized list of procurements to fill some key deficiencies. In order, I found that I have Western fly rods without dedicated reels, the kids have outgrown the SUPs I made for them back in Gulfport Mississippi, no whitewater/high activity PFD, no whitewater helmet (although I do have a watersports helmet that may work), aging SUP paddles, a kayak that could use a rudder and possibly a third seat, a speargun with no reel, and finally no racing SUP (and finally finally, if someone buys the Starboard Blend, no flatwater jack of all trades SUP board). Obviously living in Northern Virginia does put a damper on SUP surfing, but paddling SUPs and fishing are very easy to do around here. With that analysis done, I pushed the new SUP (still likely an ULI Race 14) way back and I pulled the trigger on a couple of flyreels to bring that capability up to full capacity. I went with Hatch - and ordered a 4+ in black with silver trim and a 7+ in Silver/Red (as shown in the pictures). Yes these are expensive (I spent all the money and a hair more from the sale of my Naish 14 Carbon Glide) but these will be heirlooms that get passed down to my grandkids someday and they have the quality and performance to get there. And if you have been following this blog, you can see we have adapted to our surroundings and end up fishing a majority of the time anyways. Next on the list - new SUPs for the kids (soft top surfboards that can pull double duty - SUP in flatwater and surfboard at the beach) - keep an eye out as we get into next weekend...

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