Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Quiver Optimizing

I've been looking at the Aguera Hooked SUP for a while now. I never pulled the trigger because I never saw it in person and when you try to conceptualize the dimensions, I just kept think "behemoth" - 36" wide and the wide square tail... Sure I liked the fact that it does everything - fish, sail, surf, fish, paddle and did I say fish? But I couldn't get over the width. Well when I went SUP flyfishing this past Saturday, I met up with Chris who had one and despite the dimensions, this board looked perfectly proportional! I knew then that one day this board would be mine! Oh yes - it will be mine!!! I broached the topic with La - I told her I would sell the Glide and the Blend and replace them with this - I pointed out that the Hooked SUP does everything the Blend does but better. Then she asked me why I'm going to sell the Glide and I said "to make up the remainder of the cost of the Hooked. Well - the boards are on www.standupzone.com and craigslist. Help a brother out if you know someone who is looking for a board or two - Buy these two boards so I can fulfill my destiny!!!

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