Sunday, June 16, 2013

SUP Herd Thinning and the Good Grog

This was a busy (in a good way) Father's Day weekend. Saturday saw us picking up a Bass for Marlon (he'll be taking lessons this summer), washing both vehicles and dropping off the Starboard Blend in Annapolis as it got sold! If I didn't just buy the Hatch reels, I'd be getting a Hooked SUP - but that's okay - I've got a couple of Hatch reels. I will most likely get a Bak Flip for the truck so I can keep stuff locked up in the bed and a front mounted 2" receiver hitch. These couple of mods will make the truck super versatile - carrying stuff up front (bike racks, T-mount for the kayak, cooler basket with surf rod mounts) mostly and having the ability to keep the bed secure from prying eyes and hands. Well with the traffic the way it was on Saturday evening on I-495 North, we didn't get to Annapolis until 1900. We dropped off the board with it's new owner and went over to Eastport to grab some food. We settled on the Boatyard - pretty cool place and the food was great! And so was the beer. Nothing like good grog ;)

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