Saturday, July 13, 2013

Fun Busy Saturday, Part 2

I mentioned I sold the Big Tuna - yup - that certainly was a quick turnaround. We bought it in October last year, used it fairly often, modified it and now it's got a new home. I enjoyed the boat immensely. I really enjoyed modifying it so it fished well. I didn't ever make a connection with the kayak sitdown style of paddling. I never have - in fact 99% of the pictures I have been in on the Big Tuna was of me standing up and using a SUP paddle. And this boat did that well too, but the lure of being able to have an Aguera Hooked SUP was too much. That and I realized the kids are big enough to paddle themselves around on SUPs. So I put the kayak up on Craigslist,, and the Stand Up Zone - and after a week, Rob the new owner called and asked a bunch of questions. Done deal! Our garage has changed significantly since this time last year - lots of board purging - but after the Hooked SUP comes in, things should be stable for a while. So the next leg in our short trip - hit the surf!!! Here Marlon and Noe get comfortable in the water (high tide and windy - not ideal according to Marlon). More in a second...

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