Tuesday, July 16, 2013

It's Coming!!!

The Hooked SUP I ordered is on it's way!!! It should be here by Friday. I've already ordered two Scotty mounts and pulled out my windsurfing equipment (mast bases, mast extensions, etc). I have high expectations of this board and will be documenting the heck out of the uses and conquests I execute with this board. I can honestly say that I've been looking at this board for a few years now - and having recently streamlined the board quiver, I am looking forward to maximize the use of just a few boards (the ULI FAQ, the Starboard Element and the Hooked SUP). It's Christmas in July (except that I recently sold off the Big Tuna, the Naish Glide and the Starboard Blend to get to this point, as well as the other boards over the past year - culling the unused was actually a really good thing - less stuff)!!!

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